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Endless Swimming Pool

Endless Swimming Pool

(continuous swimming pool)

Simply your own smaller pool, where you swim or exercise against an expansive, profound current that is flexible to any speed, stroke or capacity. An Endless Pool is easy to introduce, simple to keep up, and conservative to run.

The Ready-made pool are transported is single piece & hence the limitation in size of pool which can be transported use road & narrow street.

Second issue is availability of space in house or places. The Small pools can easily accommodate in residence & hotels Third is the maintenance the bigger pool need high maintenance & operational cost apart from ownership cost.

Fourth is the weight & consumption of water for swimming pools To avoid these limits, we install the propeller base counter system in readymade swimming pool. Which through water from a box & swimming can swim against that current of flowing water. This flow is also can be adjusted from 0 – 100% of motor speed which decide the flow of water.

This feels the swimming opposite direction is a flowing river. But here we can control the flow of water as per the wish & ability of swimmers. This machine can be installed in any of our pool without any modification. 5 hp and 3 hp model of counter current machine and for this.