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Octo Swimming Pool

Octo Swimming Pool

This is our very first & most population pool. Octo swimming poll have size of 22*8*4ft and small version of 17*8*4ft. The step flooring is anti slippery.

In 22 ft length first 6 ft are step / sitting area. Which have access from all three side to get into swimming pool & rest 16ft is swimming area of 4 ft deep.

This is endless pool with extra CC System the Jacuzzi can be added on both side of pool of sitting area very unique our flagship octo swimming pool. You might find copy f this design with fly by night pool makers.

Second octo swimming pool is 17ft long & have 1ft which steps to get into pool.

Size of Pools

Size Capacity
17ft X 8ft X 4ft 15000 liters
22ft X 8ft X 4ft 18000 liters