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Rectangular Swimming Pools

Rectangular Swimming Pools

In the event that you are searching for a littler square shape pool, you should consider our rectangular pool extend. These are minimal pools which are more profound than normal pools, so they are perfect for unwinding, as they give you a vivid encounter ideal for making quiet and calming pressure.

These are readymade fiber glass pool made of resistant color & get of ISO make with long life of pool.

  • Safety :  All pool are having anti slip design on pool floor.
  • Durability :  Our Pool are durable & can stand alone without any support. It can be placed above on below ground.
  • Infinity pool :  Infinity pool with straight wall at over flow channel.
  • Filter :  cartridge water filter with 25-micron water filtration & no water wastage
  • Step :  One side inbuilt 3 no’s of steps.

Size of Pools

Size Capacity
9.6ft X 6.5ft X 4ft 5000 liters
19.6ft X 9.6ft X 4ft 20000 liters
25ft X 9.6ft X 4 ft 25000 liters
31ft X 9.6ft X 4ft 31000 liters

Wide Rectangular Swimming Pools

  • 19.5ft X 12ft X 4ft
  • 19ft X 15ft X 4ft
  • 25ft X 12ft X 4ft
  • 25ft X 15ft X 4ft
  • 31ft X 12ft X 4ft
  • 31ft X 12ft X 4ft

Infinity Swimming PoolS

Boundlessness pool is a reflecting or pool, where the water streams more than at least one edges, delivering an enhanced visualization of water with no limit. Such pools are regularly planned so the edge seems to converge with a bigger waterway, for example, the sea, or with the sky.

We at Arrdevpools are the first one in all over world to have infinity type pool in fiberglass material which are also call Readymade swimming pools.

  • 19.6ft X 12ft X 4ft
  • 25ft X 12ft X 4ft
  • 31ft X 12ft X 4ft