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Roman Swimming Pool

Roman Swimming Pools

Roman style pool structures depend on the exemplary square shapes with a particular end, alluded to as Roman pool end. While Grecian pools are portrayed with cut corners, the Roman ones are conspicuous for the adapted corners and a half hover on each finish of the pool. Roman style has since a long time ago become a work of art.

Roman Arch. Of Window & door are like half round from top & rest in rectangular. Ascending the roman design of pools are like that only.

These are 4 ft 6inch deep & width of 7.5 ft size are variable. This has four steps. 12th deep each with Anti-skid steps to get into swimming pools are half round. Rest is straight wall.

5ft is the size in length of steps & 7ft width.

Size of Pools

Size Capacity
16ft X 7.5 X 4.5 12000 liters
21 X 7.5 X 4.5 16000 liters
26ft X 7.5ft X 4.5ft 20000 liters