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Skimmer Pipeless Filter

Skimmer Pipeless Filter

Skimmer filter is like skimmer with bag filter in it. This is very good for small swimming pools. The inlet is additional in shape of fountain or any other jet based system.

All of above filters are having the floor cleaner, hose pipe, butter fly net and wall brushes along with attachments. These are complete in all respect and no need of additional items for water filtration system.

Other Pool Accessories  :  Pool ladders, side bars and under water lights along with over flow grating , infinity pool pumps drain plate can be added.

These filters are also good for the competition swimming pools and multiple filters are installation to cover any area of swimming pool.

For example, the commercial semi Olympic swimming pool can have the pool of 42x84 = 3528 sq ft

The commercial filter will be needed are 4 in no’s as 3600 sq ft divided by 900 sq ft for one filter.

If pool is Olympic size and have the area of 12000 sq ft. 13 filters will be installed for such pools.