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Spa Pools

Spa Pools

Spa can be worked as an expansion to your pool or they can go about as remain solitary units. Tanning Ledges can be utilized in your terrace configuration to make fun sprinkle territories or additional areas to relax and unwind, as water-accommodating yard furniture can be put inside the edge. Spas and Tanning Ledges can be introduced flush with your pool or raised so they overflow into the pool. Models that have worked in overflows function admirably when you need to fuse a spa or edge raised and overflowing into the pool, while non-overflow models function admirably for remain solitary or isolated waterways. Models that have a worked in overflow will utilize normal water with the pool; non-overflow models can utilize either basic water or separate water, which enables the spa or edge to be warmed at an unexpected temperature in comparison to the pool.

X-SPA (Overflow, Transparent, Spa)

    x-Spa is a French design spa of size 8.6ft X 6ft X 3.3ft all above ground.

    This have overflow system in which water overflow is a transparent glass wall chamber before going to filter.

    Two glass wall make this as transparent spa with color full light it give aesthetic view all around.

    Four to five person can sit and lay in this spa.

  • Size   8.6ft X 6ft X 3.3ft
  • capacity of water 2000ltr
  • over flow glass wall over flow
  • MOC – fiber glass
  • sitting for 4 persons.
  • same water for entire year.

Hot Tub - Spa

    Hot Tub spa is water spa of small size above stand pools for jacuzzi system & air bubbles spa with water filter heater & chiller in it to use all over year It give soothing effect on body give relaxing feel is winter & chiller used for summer

    This is small size 12*65*35 ft pool which is easy to transport & install on roof top of basements.

    6 person can sit in it & water filter make water cleaner through out of year.

  • Size 12ft X 6.5ft X 3.5ft
  • Seating – 6 Seaters
  • water filter 25
  • Pump – jacuzzi jet 1.5Hp-2nos
  • Air blower- 1 st 12 jet
  • Water heater & child 2Kw

D - Spa

A Hot Tub is an enormous tub or little pool loaded with warmed water and utilized for hydrotherapy or delight. Some have planes for back rub purposes. Hot tubs are in some cases otherwise called spas, or by the exchange name Jacuzzi.

  • 12ft x 6ft x 3ft
  • D-shaped spa for sitting for 10 no’s of persons at one time
  • This d-shaped spa with steps and sitting in it.
  • 3 ft deep with 1.5 ft seater on reclined back
  • Same water use, low maintenance, jacuzzi jets as needed. Under water lights.