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icon 06 Sep 2022
Can Aquatic Therapy Heal Injury

Introduction: Aquatic Therapy is one of our newest and fastest growing & popularizing and the most beneficial treatment therapies for the patients suffering with joint pains and other injury pains.

What is Aquatic Therapy: As the name suggest, Aqua stands for water and therapy stands for treatment. So, Aquatic Therapy means a specialized form of therapy which is given in a warm aqua pool in waist or neck in deep water. The treatment must be given under the supervision of Doctors/ Physiotherapist.

The main aim of this kind of therapy is the rehabilitation of the patients who do not respond well under on-land treatments. So, the Patient should be given such an environment that is conducive to family and social interaction that will help in fast recovery of the patient.

aqua therapy pool

How to Choose the Best Aquatic Therapy Pool

Buying an Aquatic Therapy Pool involves a huge investment. So, we should check few things before making a buy decision.

1.      Size: You should check the size of the pool as per your space availability.

2.      Quality Checks: You should do a proper quality-check for material used.

3.      Water Temperature: Check out the water temperature and its consistency in the Aqua Pool as it is most crucial part in the treatment of the patient’s injury.

4.      Installation & After Sales Services: Check out the Installation time and cost along with the after sales services (if any) that the manufacture is offering you.

Aquatic Therapy Pools are available in different shapes and sizes in the market, and they can be customized as per the requirements of client. Apart from the traditional square shape, these pools are now being designed into rectangular and asymmetric shapes. Further, the size will depend upon the Space and other material requirements.

aquatic therapy pool


Where can we Buy Aqua Therapy Pool from

Technological advancements are taking place in every phase of life and swimming pools are no different to it.

Arrdev Pools is into manufacturing and supplying of swimming pools to different parts of India and the world since 1999 and committed to quality-oriented products.

At Arrdev Pools, the focus is on new ideas, innovations and constant research and development to deliver the Best.  We have specially designed Aquatic Therapy pools with warm water having temperature nearly 40-degrees unlike other swimming pools with cold water. Such Therapy Pools are mainly used but not restricted to physiotherapy treatment. Here, the therapy is slightly different from the regular swimming exercises which require a swimmer for supervision.

Being the Best and the Top Aquatic Therapy Pool Manufacturer, Our Pools will give you such great benefits that a patient have sought for. The benefits are listed below:

1.      It Decreases Pain: Our specially designed Aquatic pools helps in decreasing the pains of injuries. Immersion of body into warm water helps improving blood circulation to muscles and other parts of body

2.      It increases Joint Flexibility: The therapy is helpful in increasing joint flexibility as water reduces the effects of gravity, thereby increasing the motion of joint.

3.      Improves Body Balance: The combination of water-pressure with the buoyancy helps improving body balance without a fear of falling.

4.      Improves Muscle strength: It is a proven fact that warm water gives strength to the weakened muscles as warm water also helps improving blood circulation and thereby strengthening the muscles.

5.      Helps Reducing Stress: This therapy is an excellent source of reducing stress and relaxing body and mind.

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