Q 1 : What are difference of prefabricated and readymade swimming pools? img

Answer : Prefabricated liner panel pools are made in factory and assembled at site. These can be any shape and size. The floor is made for concrete and panel wall is erected all around as per size and shape of swimming pool . The pool liner is pasted and wielded all around floor or wall of swimming pool. The readymade swimming pool is made of fiberglass (FRP) and these are made in single piece and placed at your place. These are completed with filter and lights. The shapes and size are fixed and customization is not possible.

Q 2 : How much a swimming pool cost ? img

Answer : you can get a swimming pool as low as USD 3000.00 (INR.1,99,000/-) . The minimum size is 3 x 2 x1.2 meter. The prices of pools are as per size and shape of swimming pools. The readymade swimming pool are expensive that prefabricated swimming pools.

Q 3 : How much time it will take ? img

Answer : The readymade swimming pool are some time ready to stock . But not all models are ready stock as factory remain busy. Customized pool takes 10-20 days. The prefabricated pools are also takes 5-10 days in making. The exact schedule can only be provided at the time of finalization.

Q 4 : What is best time for making swimming pool ? img

Answer : All times are best for readymade swimming pools as these are made in controlled atmosphere in factory. For prefabricated liner pool there should be no rain while fixing the pool liner.

Q 5 : What is water consumption for swimming pool running ? img

Answer : With the invent of pipeless filters and cartridge filter there is 0% water wastage for swimming pool water for cleaning of water filters. The same water you fill once into swimming pool will be used for entire year without change of water.

Q 6 : How to disinfect the pool water can we use ozone or UV system? img

Answer : Yes we can use these methods but still we need to feed Chlorine into swimming pool for disinfection. However there is very less chlorine consumption in our pool because of no water loss.

Q 7: What is average cost of pool running ? img

Answer : The cost of an average pool of size 6 x3 x1.2 meter comes to 1 USD per day of Rs.60/day. On chemicals and electricity.

Q8 : Can you renovate my current pool which has old sand filter or leaking ? img

Answer : Yes we can install the pipe less filters which do not needs any alteration in swimming pool plumbing or filtration system and just hand on the wall of pools. The leak aging is also stopped with liner fixing on existing pool with pipe less filters.

Q 9 : What is endless swimming pools are these available with you ? img

Answer : Endless pools have the counter current system in it . There are two kind of endless systems are available one is jet based counter current and other is propeller based counter current system. The propeller based counter current is best one. These counter current machine through water on the swimmer and swimmer had to swimming against the current of water.

Q 10: Can we have under water light in Prefabricated swimming pools ? img

Answer : Yes our prefabricated liner pools have under water lights in them. Readymade swimming pools comes with under water lights.

Q 11 : Can your pools can be placed on roof top ? img

Answer : Yes both kind of pools readymade / prefabricated can be placed on roof top . However the roof should be designed to take load of swimming pool water .

Q 12: Do we need to make brick wall all around the swimming pool ? img

Answer : no we do not need any out side support for swimming pools. These are strong self standing pools.

Q 13: What is the guarantee or warrantee on swimming pools ? img

Answer : Our readymade swimming pools are warranted for 12 years . The prefabricated pool is having warrantee for 5 years for liner.

Q 14: Do the pool liner needed to be changed after 5 years ? img

Answer : Absolutely not as these are good enough for life time

Q 15: Can these pool be all weather pools ? img

Answer : Yes with heater and chiller any of our pool is all weather pool.