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Swimming Pool Accessories

Sand Water Filters

Sand filter as also available with us having multi-port valves. These are the filter used for more than 100 years. The basic principal is this that sand small particles stop the suspended impurity of water up to 30-40 micron and let water pass out of it. The casing of finder can be eight still, MS or fiber glass as per manufacturer parameter. There are two kind of sand filters pressure sand filters and high rate sand filters. Pressure sand filters are big in size and give better filtration while high rate sand filters are small and give normal filtration which is good enough for swimming pool.

Design Flow rate as per standards is maximum 30 cum/m2/hr. Working Pressure: 1.5kg/cm2. Maximum working pressure: 3 Kg/cm2, Back wash : 0.75kg/cm2
Performance date:
Model Diameter Height Valve Filter Area Filtration Capacity
SF : 625 625 mm 780 mm 38 mm 0.30 sqm 9000 l/hr.
SF : 750 750 mm 910 mm 50 mm 0.45 sqm 13500 l/hr.
SF : 900 900 mm 1105 mm 50 mm 0.64 sqm 19200l/hr.
SF: 1000 1000 mm 1225 mm 50 mm 0.79 sqm 24000 l/hr.
SCF : 1200 1200mm 1340 mm 50 mm 1.13 sqm 39000 l/hr.
SCF : 1400 1400 mm 1530 mm 50 mm 1.54 sqm 46000 l/hr.
SQF : 1800 1800mm 1950 mm 80 mm 2.70 sqm 65000 l/hr.
SQF : 2000 2000mm 2400 mm 100 mm 3.14 sqm 75000 l/hr.

Circulation Pumps

Are there to feed water to the filter from the swimming pool via the skimmers or the overflow channels. This water comes back to the pool as filtered and disinfected water. The capacity of pump and motor is decided as per the size of pool. The prefilter is must to safe guard of pump.

RMP: 2900 mm CLASS : IP 55 Insulation : F Water temp : 0-45 C Sound : <70dB Single and Three Phase


Chlorine dozers, ozone and UV systems. Chlorine dozers, ozone and UV systems. ANY pool water goes through the process of disinfecting . Three method individually or combined are used to disinfect the water of swimming pool.

Chlorine / Bromine

This is must for any pool as the disinfection is carried out with this method is most sought after and effective. The level of chlorine is to be kept 0.6 to 1.0 ppm level. (part per million) Instruction of use chlorine is must as more chlorine does belching effect on skin and etching in eyes. And if it is less water is contaminated with bacteria and algae.

UV system

The water is passed to the UV rod under UV light and the bacteria got killed but only in that part and to inhibit the bacteria we need chlorine in very less dose.

Ozone Generator

The ozone is also used for disinfection as it is produced with cell from Oxygen and feed into the piping of water flow for swimming pools. But need to contain and dosing is difficult in control manner and high dose of ozone is fatal. Still we need chlorine.

Heat Pump or Online Heater

Online heat pump with heat conductor. It provide 100% heating with 25% electricity consumption. Digital temperature controller. Chilling pump is also with heat pump as temperature control.

Under Water Lights

LED , Halogen, Color Changing lights.

swimming pool lights are water proof and made of plastic. These are surface mounted light fixed on the bracket in tiles or liner. For fiberglass pool these are pasted on the wall of swimming pool. These light have step down transformer for safety and low voltage operation.

Swimming Pool Ladders And Bars

Pool ladder and safety side wall bar or steps bars are made of stain less steel with flat steps made of fibre glass for non skid and long life.

Side Bar

for pool is made of ss 304 and diameter is 25 mm.

Swimming Pool Overflow Gratings

10” and 12” wide. OVERFLOW SWIMMING POOLS NEEDED DRAIN GRATTING TO COVER THE OVERFLOW CHANNEL. Width of grating for medium size pool : 250mm wide with fixtures. Width of Grating for large pools : 300 mm wide with fixtures. Overflow Grating made of HD plastic with alloy.

Overflow Channel

Width of grating for medium size pool : 250mm wide with fixtures. Width of Grating for large pools : 300 mm wide with fixtures. Overflow Grating made of HD plastic with alloy.

Inlet Jets, Drain Grates

Water is filtered via filtration system and sent back to swimming pool via inlet nozzles. These are made of ABS plastic can have threads or plain fittings into plumbing pipes. Size of nozzles are 35mm or 50 mm in diameter. Two kind of jet nozzles are popular. Under water lights for swimming pool on wall of swimming pool. Under water lights for swimming pool on wall of swimming pool.

Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner sweeper with rod and hose pipe connections. Nylon brush inside for sweeping. Wheel for easy movement.

Leaf Net

Leaf net to remove floating material for top surface of water. It is connected with extensible pole.

Chlorine Testing

Chlorine testing and ph value testing kit for swimming pool water to maintain clean and clear.

Floating Hose Pipe

Floating hose pipe to connect the floor cleaner and filter with help of hose connector.

Wall Brush

Wall brush for cleaning the swimming pool walls. This is controlled and connected with extensible rod.

Overflow Skimmer

overflow skimmer to skim out the top surface of water sheet with net inside with floor cleaner connections.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filter for water filtration of 25 micron with inlet and out connections. Pressure guage and air release valve and safety wall on removable cap of cartridge filter.

Recyclable Floor Cleaner

Recyclable Floor Cleaner

Swimming Pool Deck Chair or Deck Bed

Swimming pool deck chair or deck bed.

Water Fountain For Swimming Pool

Mushroom Fountain

Made of fiberglass with plate form or without plate form. The size of Canopy is 1-meter diameter. The Height of fountain is 1500mm. This can work with swimming pool or independently.

This can work with swimming pool or independently.

Dlphin Fountain

DOLPHIN FOUNTAIN is 1.2 meter in Height and 600 wide with platform and can be fixed with pool and independently. This is made of Fiberglass.

Water Sheet Fountain

Fibreglass made Fountain sheet with Fibreglass made . Inlet 40 mm with outlet 300mm wide with height of 750mm.

Olympic Swimming pool equipment’s

Diving Boards

Final design parameter for diving board Diving board made of anti-skid surface fiberglass with wood inside. The fulcrum is made of MS with Rubber coated roller and guide channel. Size of diving Board: 5meter long 0.5 meter wide. Thickness: 40-65 mm.

Divider / Racing Float Lanes

For swimming competition, the floating lanes are the dividing lines among the swimming lane for swimmers. These are anti wave and design in such a way that any flow of water does not move them from their place. The size of floats are in two size diameter 100mm and 150 mm . Length can vary from 10 meter,20 meter,25 meter , 50 meter.

Back Stroke Indicator And False Start Rope

BACK STROKE INDICATOR ARE THE FLAGED ROPE ON THE HEIGHT OF 1.8 METER OF WATER LEVEL AND SUPPORTED WITH SS POLE ON BOTH SIDE. False start rope this is the rope to stop the competition in the event of early start or false start by swimmer.

False Start Rope

This is the rope to stop the competition in the event of early start or false start by swimmer.

Starting Blocks

STARTING Podium or Block is the starting point for swimmer. It should be 300-600 mm high form the level of water. And size of podium is 500x 500 mm with foot rest pushing board.

Life Guard Chairs

Life guard chair is the chair on height from where the life guard can see all around.

Water Polo Goal Post

Floating water goal post for water polo game with rope on side binding and goal post of size 1m x 3m and net at the back.

Bath Tub 4 x 6 Feet Size

Fiberglass made Bath tub with jacuzzi jets and LED light. The pressure pump with air control switch.

Bath Tub Jacuzzi

Round 5 feet diameter two seated bath tub 5 feet diameter with or without jacuzzi jets and lights.

Bath Tub Round 6 seaters

Fiberglass bath tub with size of 6 feet diameter and 1.5 feet depth. Jacuzzi jets as per requirements.

Jaccuzi beds and seat for Concrete swimming pools. With jacuzzi and jets fixing.

Jaccuzi Beds And Seat

Jaccuzi beds and seat for Concrete swimming pools. With jacuzzi and jets fixing.

Floating Pool

Floating pool cover with isothermal sheet.

Swimming Pool Movable

Swimming pool movable with asbestas sheet.

Whatever swimming pool accessories you need, you can get it all. At Arrdevpools, we deal in and supply all pool essentials and additional. All our suppliers are pre-tested and are given with a quality check before getting installed for use. Our creative insight helps us stay up to date with the trend and our commitment to quality helps us to withstand the expectations of our customers all over India.