Readymade Swimming Pools

Fiberglass Made Swimming Pools

Readymade as name suggested are made in factory & transported to the client place.

These fiberglass swimming pools are having following featuring
  • Single Piece Pools – no seepage or leakage
  • Fixed size & design- 12 no. Of design & 30 no. Of size are these with us.
  • No wears and tear-12 year of structural warranty.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: - very low maintenance cost avoid Rs. 100-200/day only.
  • No water wastage- 25 micro clarity of cartridge filter with zero 0% water or chlorine wastage.
  • Low electricity consumption- Max 1-2 Kw of electricity consumption for water filter.
Added Features
  • Metallic Color of Pools
  • Multi- color pools
  • Multi-functional- single pools can have kids pool, spa, water fall and adult pool.
  • Endless pool & swimming with counter current propeller system & speed control for water flow control.
  • No Leakage & insulation is possible with heat pumps.
  • Jacuzzi massage jet for pools massage
  • Glass wall can be place is any side of pool wall. Or even floor of pool.
  • Hydrotherapic pool with added features. Lift, under water cycle etc.
  • Under water exercise & Gym with under water cycle & other equipment.
  • Water fall & water feature.
Our fiberglass swimming pools are safe for user following featuring
  • Under water lights- LED with step down transformer
  • Plastic pump with small motors no earth leakage
  • Counters current with shaft & no direct consumption
  • Proper size bar for holding & floor of pools
  • No faints and sharp edge in our pools
  • Strong & sustainable as all pool are test at factory for independent standing with water filled in them for above ground installation.

Residential Swimming Pools

Rooftop Swimming Pools

The swimming pool which is installed on the roof of house is called Rooftop swimming pools. The issue with concrete swimming pool on rooftop is weight of Concrete in addition of water weight. The structure become so heavy that the cost of construction gets high and unaffordable. The best suited swimming pools for rooftop is fibreglass swimming pools of small size and counter current system provide endless swimming in these pools. The weight of swimming pool is negligible hence the structure is not necessarily heavy. The home with pillar and beam can take care of small swimming pool with weight of around 15-20cum which is 10x20x4 feet swimming pool. But issue with readymade swimming pool is the transportation as this is not possible to take swimming pool at the desired place. For such places or if the swimming pool is bigger in size, we can use the prefabricated swimming pool. The rooftop prefabricated swimming pools are the best for such places as the wall panels are erected with each other to get desired size of swimming pool. The water does not leak of seepage in Rooftop swimming pools

Weight of swimming pools are light for rooftop swimming pool.

Seepage or leakage should not be in rooftop swimming pool.

Home Swimming Pools

Swimming pool for home should be simple in operations and installation as no profession maintenance team is available at Home. In many cases the home owner takes care of swimming pools. Readymade swimming pools are perfectly suited for home swimming pool as they are very easy to install even preinstalled filter system from factory. Home swimming pool are small in size and easy filtration system. The luxury features such as jacuzzi and counter current make these home swimming pools more useful. Readymade swimming pools are in various size and shapes of swimming pools. The maintenance cost is also very low even negligible.

Easy to buy , easy to install and easy to maintain.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor swimming pools are private swimming pools and readymade swimming pools are easily fit anywhere. Indoor swimming pools can be in ground, in basement or above ground on the floors. Indoor swimming pools are safe from heat, cold or dust. The privacy is also one of the advantages. Indoor swimming pools should not be having any leakage or seepage that’s why the fibreglass swimming pool or linear panel swimming pools are best for indoor swimming pools.

Being the best dealers and suppliers of readymade swimming pools, we offer a wide range of flexibly designed pools like fiberglass swimming pool, residential swimming pool and more. All the pools we install at quality check beforehand to ensure a quality installation. Featuring innovation, all the pools are given with uniqueness and adaptability. All our pool variants are available in multiple shapes and size variants and can be installed as per the needs. Those who look for customized pool solutions in pan India can look up to us as we are a team of manufacturers, suppliers and builders of innovative pools.