Swimming Pool Pipe Less Filters

Pipe Less Filters

Every swimming pool need water to fill and to filter we need water filtration system. The dust enter in swimming pool are get cleaned by filter which settled on floor or in dissolved in water which can not be seen with naked eye.

SO filter medium is needed for to clean the impurity form water and this is done by 3-4 kind of mediums 1. Sand 2. Cartridge, 3. De and 4. Filter bag. Second is the chemical composition of the water which make dust or impurity to settle down and also work for biological system of swimming pool. The alum and acid are used to keep the ph level of water in controlled manner with 7.6

Third is to control the biological impurities of water. If the water remains without disinfection it will spoiled after 3-4 days. So to keep water clean we need the disinfectants which are mostly Chlorine or Bromine and to keep the level of these low needed ozone or UV disinfectant.

The entire principal of swimming pool water treatment revolved on above factors and we need to control them with various machines and filter.

Now in all of above the cost of chemicals are high along with electrical consumption. In sand filtration system we had to do back washing and that process throw the water and chlorine of swimming pool and new chlorine is to be added every time we do the back wash.

Comparison of Swimming Pool Filter

Filter Cartridge Filters Sand Filters Bag Filters
Medium Synthetic Cartridge Sand Cloth Bag
Area Very high Limited Small
Automatic No Yes No
Cleaning Washing Back wash Washing
Filter Micron Level 25 40 25
Dirt Load Efficient Efficient No Efficient
Life Medium High High
Big pool Multiple filter Few big filter No workable
Small pool Very Good Good Very Good
Purchase Cost Normal Very high Low
Running Cost Low High Low
Efficiency High Normal Low

Pipe Less Filter

We had invented this pipe less terms in way back in 2006 and was the first manufacturer of pipe less filter for swimming pools in India.

Our pipe less filters are based on cartridge filters and we put them in our cases made for different capacity and design as per size and shapes of swimming pools.

The best features of these filters are

  • Standard filtration of 25 micron.
  • No water loss from swimming pools.
  • Less electrical and chlorine consumption.
  • Long life easy repair or replacement.
  • No need of plumbing or filter rooms.
  • Very convenient to install.

Following are our pipe less filter models with their filtration capacity and the area of pool to be catered.

All those who use swimming pools know the worth of filters; we have come up with pipeless filters featuring all the latest qualities. We renowned as the manufacturer and dealers of pipeless filters offer an extensive range of pipeless filters suitable for all shapes and sizes. We supply high-quality pipeless filters all across India for the best experience.