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JACUZZI is a brand name for Hot TUBS or Whirlpool, SPA. THE BATHTUB for more than 1 person use with pressure jets having water air mix is call jacuzzi in general terms.

A hot tub is a large tub or small pool full of water used for relaxation or pleasure. It also got the Aquatic Therapy (Hydrotherapy) / These have powerful jets for hard massage purposes. Some also have air bubble for gentle massage. Hot tubs are sometimes also known as SPA(water) or by the Jacuzzi . AHot Tub or Jacuzzi is designed to be used by more than one person at a time, with many models accommodating four or more people. Hot tubs are usually located outdoors, although they can be installed indoors. Also, the water in a hot tub is not changed with each use, but is kept sanitary using methods similar to those in swimming pool water filtration and treatment. ] Another difference between baths and hot tubs is that soaps and shampoos are not used in wet-jetted hot tubs.

Arrdevpools is pioneer in swimming pools now we are also into the SPA, HOTTUB, JACUZZI and Swim SPA.

Our small models are having two people use with Sallow depth for bathroom usage. The depth is kept low and water is drained frequently. SOAP and shampoo can be used in these Jacuzzi or Bathtub.

Jacuzzi Bath Tub


  • Size : 4 x 6 feet
  • 2 person use
  • LED light 1 no RGB
  • Frame SS 304
  • Covering : Two side
  • Drain : push
  • Jacuzzi jets : 6 no’s
  • Control : Phnumatic
  • Filling : Mixture (hot and cold)

Round Jacuzzi Bath Tub


  • Size : 5 feet Round
  • 2 person use
  • LED light 1 no RGB
  • Frame SS 304
  • Covering : half round
  • Drain : push
  • Jacuzzi jets : 6 no’s
  • Jacuzzi pump : 1.5 hp
  • Control : Phnumatic
  • Fixture : Hot and cold mix

Jacuzzi 6 Bath Tub


  • Size : 6 feet diameter
  • 6 person use
  • LED light 2 no’s RGB
  • Frame SS 304
  • Covering : half side
  • Drain : push
  • Jacuzzi jets : 12 no’s
  • Jacuzzi pump : 1.5 hp -2 no
  • Control : Phnumatic
  • Filling : Mixture (hot and cold)

Jacuzzi Ox Spa Whirlpool


  • Size : 8x6x3 feet
  • Use : 4 person
  • Fixing : Above ground
  • Glass wall : 2 no on side overflow
  • Covering : PVC
  • Frame :MS
  • Jacuzzi : 2 set
  • Jets : 12 no’s
  • Air blower : 1kw
  • Bubbler : 12 jets
  • LED : 3 no’s
  • Filter :CF 25
  • W – lounge : 1 no
  • Heater : 4kw
  • Digital control : 1 set
  • Cartidge Filter : same water for entire year.

Jacuzzi Whirl Pool Overflow


  • Size : 7x8x2.5 feet
  • Seats : 4 seater
  • OVERFLOW : Drain 8”
  • LED light : 3 no’s
  • Filter : 1 no
  • Same water for entire year.
  • Jacuzzi jets : 12 no’s
  • Pump 2no’s
  • Air bubbler : 12 no’s
  • Heater 4 kw and
  • Digital control

Plunge Pool


  • Size : 9.6 x6.6 x4 feet
  • MOC : FRP
  • Filter : Bag filter
  • Pump 1 :HP
  • Light :1 LED
  • Jacuzzi jets : 12 no’s
  • Pump 2no’s
  • Air bubbler : 12 no’s
  • Floor cleaner and mainten-ance kit : 1 set

Jacuzzi Swim Spa Pool


  • MOC :Fibreglass
  • MOC :Fibreglass
  • Seats : 6 seater
  • Skimmer :1 no
  • Filter :1 no
  • Pump :1 hp
  • Jacuzzi : 12 no’s
  • Air blower : 12 no’s air bubbler
  • LED :3 no
  • Frame : MS made
  • Inlet jet : 2 no’s
  • Heater : 6kw (optional)
  • Heater 6 kw and digital con-trol

D Shaped Bath Tub Wihrlpool


  • Size : 12 x 6x 3 feet
  • Seats: 6 no’s
  • Light : 1 no
  • Skimmer and bag filter.
  • Pump : 1.5 hp 2 no’s

While our big models are above ground mostly and needed decking around the pool.However, some models like stepwell pool or D shaped pool can be below ground use as well.

Arrdevpools Spa, Jacuzzi and Hot TUBS are made of fibreglass and have water filtration system with 100% water saving filters. Any of these Jacuzzi, Hot tub or spa can be fitted with Heater or heat pump.

Arrdevpools SPA, Jacuzzi and Hot tubs have overflow system with skimmer or OVERFLOW channels.

OX spa is our French Designed Jacuzzi with whirlpool and spa . The glass wall show special feature.

OVERFLOW with grating and frame with Filter and jets for 4 seaters.

Colour variation in construction. ANY place outdoor or indoor installation. No need of structural study for Roof top installation.



Clearer skin:

The ability to unclog pores and remove deeply trapped congestion from under the surface of the skin

Increased circulation:

Steam showers are an excellent way to naturally boost circulation throughout the body. Increased circulation brings more oxygen to cells and decreases the risk of hypertension, hardened arteries and muscle function

Stress relief:

One of the most powerful benefits of steam showers is their ability to reduce both physical and mental stress

Advanced water saving flow restrictor:

Metabolism and weight loss: Water Stream jets increases blood flow by stimulating the lymphatic system which, in turn, helps to speed up the metabolism: If you are looking for whirlpool bathtubs in India, visit Arrdevpools and get the best whirlpool bathtubs promising you the best quality and design, just for you! Whirlpool bathtubs are not just innovative and fun, they are also recyclable. These whirlpool bathtubs from Arrdevpools are eco-friendly, allowing you to enjoy your bathing experience while staying environmentally conscious. Made with marine grade material for the highest quality and durability. With different designs, Arrdevpools whirlpool bathtubs come with different water systems and designs, letting you have the best of experiences for great prices and high quality! A whirlpool tub is stylish and sleek, with water flowing in a circular motion, letting you have the best health benefits, especially if you're seeking good blood circulation. Switch between various bathing modes of water flow, and enjoy your bath in the best way possible. visit the website to get the best whirlpool bathtubs in India.