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icon 05 Apr 2022
Commercial Swimming Pools and Their Varieties

Commercial swimming pools are any indoor or outdoor swimming pools that are made to be used collectively for swimming, diving, or bathing. They are basically made for profit earnings and are open to the public upon a fee payment. They are mainly operated by government agencies. They are larger in size as compared to residential swimming pools. There are various categories that come under Commercial swimming pools such as school/competition swimming pools, hotel swimming pools, farmhouse swimming pools, society swimming pools, and many more. We are one of the leading companies to manufacture, supply, and deal in commercial swimming pools since 1999. We are very strict about quality and timelines. Our pools are simple to buy, simple to install, simple to use, and simple to maintain.

commercial swimming pool


If we talk about the varieties in detail, we have:

  • School/competition swimming pools: Some schools have swimming as their co-curriculum activity and are considered as a part of day-to-day activity. We can manufacture in-ground pools or overground pools for them.
  • Hotel swimming pools: Mostly we have seen rooftop swimming pools in hotels which are extensively made for enjoyment and relaxation for the visitors.
  • Farmhouse swimming pools: Same as hotel swimming pools, farmhouse swimming pools are also made for relaxation and enjoyment. Some of the people organize parties and other functions at the farmhouse, and here comes the best use of the swimming pools.
  • Society swimming pools: As the word suggests, these pools are constructed in society and are mainly used by children for fun purposes. Swimming is an effective exercise for teenagers, it can be used by them too.

       competition swimming pool       farm house swimming pool