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Hydrotherapy / Aqutic Therapy Pool Equipments

Hydrolic lift for patient

Hydraulic lift for patient for 120 kg maximum capacity. The lift is fix on floor with cloth chair for patient and hydraulic up and down buttons.

Aqua tread mill

Aquatic tread mill with manual operation . Made of marine grade stain less steel on walking track and hand for holding and other kind of movement . Water depth 900 – 1350 mm.

Aqua Bike

Aquatic bike with seat and handle adjustment. Entirely foldable bike with flap for resistance. The steps are anchor with feet for not floating the user. Depth of water 900 – 1200mm.

Aqua walker

Aquatic Walker under water with depth of 900-1200 mm. Handle bar to hold and movement for hand under water. Feet steps with anti skid fibre made.

Aqua floating board

Aqua balancing Floating Board. Aqua balancing floating board for aquatic gym and aqua yoga with balancing acts. Size of board : 2000 x 900 x 100 mm

Aqua pole and station

The ss made aqua pole with chin up bar and boxing bags. Under water foam.

Hydrotherapy tread mill for pets

Aquatic automatic under water tread mill. With computer control and heated water.

Floating Noodles

Floating noddle’s with shaper inside spine. High quality.

Aqua dumbell

Aqua dumbbell: FOR UNDER WATER USE

Aqua pod

Aqua pod : Aqua pod for aquatic therapy or aqua gym. With aqua bike inside. Glass wall to see the movement. The water filter and other equipment in built. Small in size to accommodate inside the flats etc.

Size : 800x 3000 x 1350 mm(HEIGH)