October Swimming Pool 22x8x4 Feet, 15000 Litres

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The pool is made of 8-10 layers with sandwich construction technology used for building ships. The inner coat is gel coat with UV resistant German made Transparent coat. Dura color for best color effect and non fading properties. The fiber is isothermal coats with CSM-Fiber for high strength and flexibility. Woven-roving fiber layers. Steel sandwich ribs and self support pool. (Arrdevpools-make)

  • Jacuzzi set : 2 no's
  • Jacuzzi nozzles : 12 no's

  • Cartridge/BAG Filter : 10 micron
  • Circulation Pump : 1-2 hp single phase
  • Skimmer : 1 No
  • Jet Nozzles : 2 No
  • Drain Jet : 1 No
  • Plumbing line and Valves etc as needed

LED light 8-14.4 watt with transformer and wall mounted fixture along with Wire and Conduit.

ABS made LED light water proof for swimming pool with IP 65 protection.